Contractors partner with The Taelman Group on a subscription basis, paid monthly.


As a client, you will: 


Have access to our quoting software, which we customize to your region, using pricing that is applicable to you.  Our software lets you generate a dependable, accurate quote while you are meeting with a client during an initial consultation.  

This allows you to overcome objections while you have the client in front of you,

and to qualify your prospective client so that you don't waste time quoting a

project for a client with an unrealistic budget. 


Benefit from discounted materials.  Why do large contractors get huge discounts? They buy a lot of material.  We negotiate with suppliers from a similar position of strength.  We bundle the buying power of all our clients, which results in lower prices for all our clients at participating materials supply companies.  You don't have to purchase from participating supply companies, but if you do, you will receive a discount.  Plus, if you purchase enough material from participating vendors, you

will qualify for a reduced or free subscription with The Taelman Group.


Benefit from discounted labor costs.  The same principle as outlined above qualifies here.  Our participating sub-contractors offer a discount to participating contractors, both because they want your business and because they don't have to spend time quoting projects.  Good-faith interviews with participating sub-contractors qualify you for a reduced or free subscription with The Taelman Group.  


If you give us 20 minutes, we will show you how we can make you money and save you time.  We will generate leads, we will lower your costs, and we will save you time.  Fill out the Contact Us form, or call us, right now.   You know, unless you have too many clients, a 100% closing ratio, and oodles of free time.  In that case, you have more money than you could ever spend or give away, so just send us checks anyways.  

Sub-Contractor Benefits

Sub-contractors partner with The Taelman Group on a subscription basis, paid monthly.  Our custom-made software, which is unique to each region, will use your pricing in your region.  This means that contractors will be providing quotes to their prospective clients using the pricing schedule with which you are already comfortable, knowing that you can provide the work  at that price.


You = Water, Contractor = Horse, We = Innovative and Experienced Company That Leads Horse to Water

Each of our regions has one, and only one, sub-contractor associated with each trade. Our sub-contractor clients need only provide one quote per year. Our software allows our contractors to emulate your quoting methods, which results in sales at a price with which you are comfortable, without the hassle of quoting the projects that don't pan out. Because our contractors receive all of the leads that we generate with our referral website and our presentations to Realtors, our sub-contractors are introduced to contractors who enjoy a high volume of work. We encourage our contractors to meet with our sub-contractors on a regular basis. We offer subscription rebates for those contractors who make the extra effort, which results in more face time for our subs with our contractors.