What We Do and Who We Are

The Taelman Group was founded to provide a unique suite of services to the residential construction industry.  We know the challenges that the residential construction industry presents, because our company was founded by a fourth generation contractor.


How many times have you heard/said "I should be in commercial, that's where the margin is"? 


Is this a familiar statement: "Leads are the lifeblood of the company"?  


How many times have you quoted a job, just to find out that the potential client had unrealistic expectations?    


We feel your pain.  And it is just that - pain.  Your company and your clients get the best that you have to offer, and when you waste your time, experience an unwanted slowdown, or lose a job to a competitor, it hurts.


Our suite of services helps you save time, manage costs, and sell more jobs.  If you give us 20 minutes to present our company, we will revolutionize your purchasing process and save you thousands, or even hundreds of thousands, of dollars.



T.T.G. Buying Group

Many of our services our custom tailored to your needs: we get to know your business, talk about the successes and obstacles, and draw upon our resources and expertise to help you grow.  However, we have found that absolutely everyone benefits from membership in our buying group.  We pool your buying power with that of all our other clients nationwide, and we don't have big margins to support showrooms and other costs that traditional building supply companies have.  We do offer great service,and live support in the form of a salesperson whom you will grow to trust and depend on.  This isn't "2% rebate" savings or "10% off at Home Depot" savings.  This is "change your business model" savings.