"There's A Way To Do It Better - Find it."

Thomas Edison


We are a construction consulting firm focused on single family residential home builders and remodelers and multi-family contractors.  We can help you modernize and streamline your processes, increase market share, and get more out of your business.  We also offer our clients access to a one-of-a-kind buying group, pooling our clients' buying power and allowing them to save thousands of dollars on each project.  See "About TTG" for more information, or check out the page that is most applicable to you.


Consulting News

April, 20

The following is a snippet from an interesting article concerning expectations about the consultant-client relationship :


But why hire a professional consultant?

A professional consultant brings to a project:


Accountability for results, schedule and costs to achieve an answer -- this translates into significant economies when compared to in-house efforts.


Proven, yet flexible, methodology appropriate for the task.


No cost of training or experimenting on how to complete the assignment -- focused on achieving results.


Objectivity -- no sacred cows. 

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